Some refer to these as Dobby cats because of the resemblance to the Harry Potter character and his ears being huge like the European Oriental Shorthair/Siamese with Extreme type.  Others call them the “Butterfly Ears” cat due to the form on some being similar to a butterfly's wings.  They are also referred to as the cats with the “Airplane  Ears”.  Often these descriptive names depends on the type of the individual cat/kitten.

Internet searches asking “What kind of cats have the huge ears” seldom seem to point to the proper breed and origin.  The American version of Oriental Shorthair/Siamese do not have the extreme ears as a rule though this may be changing over time.  Here, we love all types from classic to extreme.  These are an exquisite breed of cat!

We too fell in love with the extreme ears set low to the side of the head and very wide at the  base.  Also, there is more to the extreme type than just the ears!  In any breeding program one will produce more than one 'look'. 

We have imported our breeding cats from China, Russia, & Sweden. 

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